Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zombie Snowmen

This is the ONLY reason why I would possibly want it to snow. I so want to have a yard full of zombie snowmen.

Now I just have to figure how how to make snowmen guts.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Makes for great Christmas cards.

This would make a perfect Christams card. My friends would think it's great. The vast majority of my family however would have much to say about it. Which is why I would send it to them :)

I think perhaps I'll remake the 12 days of Xmas song to feature zombies, blood and gore and then spend the remainder of the month singing it.

On the first day of Xmas my true love gave to me.....a zombie impaled on a tree.

More to come.

I only wish....

Sharing this because it's Sunday night and TWD needs more zombies!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Law Abiding Citizen - My Favorite Scene

I hate shopping.

I hate holiday shopping even more unless I'm actually purchasing something that I get to give to someone and ultimately enjoy it as well. Today's purchase of the Law Abiding Citizen dvd will do just that. It's for my husband. Even though he is a guy, and should probably like horror, he does not. Unless the blood, guts and gore are wrapped up in a legal thriller. Then it seems that makes the movie ok. This is the only reason why he watches this movie.

Well, he also watches it for the judge scene. But doesn't everyone?

Don't take this call? I'm a judge. I can do pretty much whatever I want....

Ah....not any more! Bwahahahaha.....


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pull up a chair

Hey....glad you stopped by!

In the words of that crazy Stephen King character (you know the one): "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Well, it's true.

I've made several half hearted attempts to make a fun type blog where I could post about some of my favorite topics: zombies, blood, guts and gore. They didn't last long because, if I was going to spend time blogging, shouldn't it beon something more sensible? Such as health and nutrition? After all, I waited nearly 20 years to return to college to earn a degree in nutrition. Which means I should act like an adult and blog about stuff like that. And I do. But, it doesn't allow me to have much fun. That type of blogging is suppose to be serious stuff. Not wild, fun and crazy. So this is my way of having fun.

As for me.....I appear to be a perfectly normal person. Mom of 3 girls, crazy cat lady, full time college student (for a BA in nutrition), future dietitian, presently working as a nurse. You know....normal. Unless the topic of zombies and horror comes up. Then I morph into a rabid zombie loving fan. Not just a newly made The Walking Dead zombie fan. I'm fine with those newbies but my love of horror and even sci-fi goes back over 40 years.

I was rasied on Saturday afternoon Creature Double Feature, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Dark Shadows, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and much more. My mother would always "talk" for Godzilla or any other monster that did not have a voice. She knew exactly what they were thinking and what they would be saying if they could speak. When I was younger all of my friends were afraid of those movies. Monsters scared them. Me? I loved them. All of them. I'm sure my mother was one of the reasons why I came to enjoy every horror film creature that came along.

In my days vampires didn't sparkle and movies were in black and white. Romero's zombie original's Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead set the stage for my long time zombie love. In a way, they laid the foundation for what a zombie should be and how it should act. These days I'm always open to more creative interpretations but I do love the originals.

Now I live in a house full of horror fan girls. This blog is just one way for us to share our love with other horror fan girls that may be out there. I'm sure there are plenty of you so stop by and give us a shout out. Blood, guts and gore isn't just for boys!